Advised on Sale of Company

Materials, Chemicals & Mining


Manufacturer of laundry powder detergents Serbia

Acquired Majority Control of Business Operations


Detergent manufacturer Bosnia and Herzegovina

Assisted in signing a strategic cooperation agreement between Dita and Beohemija



Dita is one of the larger phosphate free detergent manufacturers located in central Bosnia. The Company operates a factory with 50,000 t of installed capacity in the powder detergents line and 10,000 t of installed capacity in the liquid detergents line. The Company also has the capacity to produce compounds for the detergent sector. DITA’s product portfolio consists of about 70 household cleaning and washing products in liquid and powder formats, as well as over 90 cleaning products for industrial customers.

Unique Selling Points

Strong heritage brands in both liquid and powder detergents in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Good geographical location of the factory surrounded by the most important suppliers of raw materials and industrial infrastructure.

The Investor

Beohemija was founded in the early nineties of the past century in Belgrade, Serbia. The company became the largest manufacturer of laundry powder detergents and household care products in the region of SEE with annual sales in excess of EUR150 million.

The deal

IMAP assisted in signing a strategic cooperation agreement between Dita and its Serbian peer Beohemija.