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Advised EVG in setting up a Joint Venture with Gorenje Surovina

EVG – Gorenje Surovina - joint venture


EVG is a mid-sized Group of companies which, as the German market leader, offers services of waste disposal with a special focus on disposal of photo chemicals on the entire territory of Germany. IMAP brought the German company to the attention of Gorenje Surovina through its extensive network of offices covering both Germany and Southeast Europe. Gorenje Surovina (2012 sales of EUR 200 million) as a part of the leading Slovene concern Gorenje (2012 sales of EUR 1.2 billion), is a separate business unit of the group which specializes in Complete Waste Management throughout the territory of Ex-Yugoslavia.

Unique Selling Points

Eager to expand its market, EVG identified the area of former Yugoslavia as an area of a special interest.
EVG will enter the JV with the aim of replicating in Southeast Europe its successful recycling model used in Germany.
The JV's other partner is based in Slovenia. Gorenje Surovina, brings with it enormous regional experience, "the key to the market" plus extensive knowledge of the waste management sector.

The Investor

Gorenje Surovina and EVG in the form of Joint Venture.

The deal

In February 2013 the IMAP office in Slovenia and IMAP M&A Consultants AG in Germany advised EVG in setting up a Joint Venture with Gorenje Surovina in Slovenia. The JV aims to become the leading player in the area of photochemical recycling in the countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The long term interest of Gorenje Surovina is to strengthen its position as the leading company in the area of ecology and waste recycling (total waste management) in the region of former Yugoslavia. This JV brings with the capability to extend its Total Waste Management concept by introducing new practices, additional recycling reach and a new set of praxis that fit into the fast developing sector.