Advised on Sale of the Company


Serendipity Innovations AB

PE investing in technical services companies Sweden

Acquired 70% of the Company

Metus d.o.o.

Installation, modernization & repair of elevators Croatia

Advised Metus d.o.o. on its sale to Serendipity Innovations AB


Metus d.o.o., founded in 2005 and based in Zagreb, Croatia, is a company engaged in the installation, modernization and repair of elevators, escalators and moving stairs. In addition, the Company performs repair and maintenance.

The Company's employees are engaged on projects across the globe covering markets such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Mexico, Sweden etc. In 2014 the Company generated a revenue of EUR 9.1 million employing, on average, 185 people.

Unique Selling Points

Metus d.o.o. is a European market leader in performing installation services to the large elevator companies.
The Company meets the highest technical and safety standards of all the renowned elevator companies.
Key individual employees of the Company have more than 25 years of experience in the elevator industry.

The Investor

Serendipity Innovations AB is a “house of technologies and home of entrepreneurs”, with innovation processes and corporate development as core competences. Their operations include Venture Management, Technical Services and Corporate Services, which are all based on a knowledge structure derived from company building, innovation know-how, and technical competency.

The Deal

IMAP was the exclusive transaction advisor to the owner of Metus d.o.o. in the 70% sale of the company to Serendipity Innovations AB.

Experts who worked on the transaction